Can you evoke when you were a micro kid how nosy you were roughly speaking the world? You would ask questions same why is the sea blue, where on earth does the sun go at night, where on earth did I travel from and why is that pooch ice climbing on top of that new doggy?

At that age we learn so so much and so immediately that it seems virtually undreamt of to us now. Why do you devise that is? Our brain are no more able to acquire at 2 than they are at 82 but something changes.

Could it be that our nosiness diminishes? Does that fresh-faced passion to swot up and take to mean unhurriedly get replaced by glumness and a possibility that we know pretty markedly all we necessitate to know?

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Kids larn because they ask questions because they are hypnotised by being and all circa them, but that inquisitiveness and drive for fluency is universally battered out of them by the example they hit 5th title.

Have you of all time heard a genitor or schoolteacher say to a tiddler 'stop interrogative impractical questions'? There are no impractical questions if they are coming from a earnest yearning to cram right unintelligent answers like-minded that one. Have you of all time detected kids mortal told 'be quiet' or to simply 'do what you are told to do and don't ask why'? What statement does that direct to them during a time of their lives when they are so impressionable? Maybe it tells them that it doesn't pay to be interfering that it's uncomparable to save your leader down, go near the drop and be suchlike everybody else?

Be more curious, don't judge belongings at face value, ask dense ass questions and peak of all cheer your kids or any kids you cognise to do the aforementioned. There is no age check on acquisition and we have the flair to do it until the day we die, don't throw away that possibility.

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