As a piece of a children's diet and vigour study, conducted by Dr. Agatston, six unproblematic schools from Osceola County, Florida were included in a diet system of rules from September done May 2005.
The system of rules on the whole focusses as a rule on replacing foods beside well again variants. While it filtrate the South Beach Diet and is supported on its basic principles, the scrutiny is particularly modified to the requests of growing brood. The generalised diet characteristics are as follows:

  • it focusses on fiber, fashioning sure children have an appropriate vitamin intake
  • no restrictions are obligatory âEUR"- prepared carbs replaced by tangled ones, which brood have need of
  • it reduces fat, sweetening and calories
  • it replaces wet fat with unsaturated or monosatured fats, and use trim rathan than suety meat
  • it stresses the value of exercise
The search is aimed at the following:
  • to oblige trim down youngsters' strength difficulties generated by an puffy diet; the bias towards obesity is a political unit problem, and grades in diseases such as as diabetes and complex body part disease
  • its long-term aim is to compose sound feeding habits, by substitution foods supported on soaked fats, trans fats and prepared carbohydrates with foods supported on livelong grains, vegetables, fruit and shrunken meat
  • it analyzes the personal estate of this fare on the developments in children's weight and eudaemonia completed a correct length of time
  • Children are sounded and weighed. They are as well fitted next to pedometers, which are devices to count the cipher of steps taken, in so doing measurement biological flurry and promotive them to be stirring.

This is the oldest examination of this kind. It is jig to product in valuable long effects on children's health, now at hazard because of an short-handed manner characterized by wrong diet and deficit of use.



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