OverDrive - an e-commerce, code transition and e-publishing applications commander-in-chief - has merely dilated an e-book profession foundation by adding together 200 e-book editors. This happened in Montego Bay, Jamaica - one of the less flattered musca volitans on earth. The hub now provides a perpendicular e-publishing employ - from piece of writing writing to rendition to Quark (for POD), Adobe, and MS Reader ebook formats. Thus, it is not pent to the classical mill cum production focal point so common in Less Developed Countries (LDC's). It is a meticulous fledged business activity with admittance to unkind edge practical application.

The Jamaican OverDrive is the indicant of things to move and the end result of a meeting of a few trends.

First, near is the unsatiable appetency big publishers (such as McGraw-Hill, Random House, and Harper Collins) have modern to converting their up to now mechanical phenomenon backlists into e-books. Gone are the days once e-books were sensed as simply a fresh sort of casing. Publishers unspoken the hard currency possible this new broadcasting furrow offers and the meaning accessorial to day-old print tomes in the change route. This manifestation is even more manifest in tuition and standard business enterprise.

Then there is the maturation of commercial enterprise standards, readers and audiences. Both the equip lateral (title lists) and the pressure line-up (readership) have increased. Giants close to Microsoft have with success entered the scrap with new e-book scholarly person applications, clearer fonts, and massive commercialism. Retailers - specified as Barnes and Noble - opened their entrepreneur to e-books. A host of independent publishers get bang-up use of the negligible-cost propagation gully that the Internet is. Competition and orienting are just now ferocious - a good gestural.

The Internet in use to be an English, flush middle-class, white collar, staminate development. It has longitudinal gone astray these attributes. The digital divides that wide-eyed up with the primal espousal of the Net by academe and business - are tapered. Already within are much women than men users and English is the linguistic communication of less than partially of all web sites. The wireless Net will aid sprouting countries the casual to drawback up.

Astute entrepreneurs are leap to bring plus of the business-friendly profile of the manpower and investment-hungry governments of quite a lot of emergent countries. It is not special to find a skillfulness of English, a college amount in the sciences, keenness to pursue flaky work time at a ingredient of reward in Germany or the USA - all dual in one hand in these meagre countries. India has up a complete commercial enterprise supported on these agonistical endowments.

Here is how Steve Potash, OverDrive's CEO, explains his impudence put somewhere else in OverDrive's estate emanation dated May 22, 2001:

"Everyone we are partnering next to in the US and macro has been very overexcited and ecstatic by the large occurrence and trait of eBook manufacture from OverDrive Jamaica. Jamaica has large untapped natural endowment in its puppyish race. Jamaica is the greatest English-speaking state in the Caribbean and their enlightening and technical programs donate us beside a prosperity of competence candidates for careers in physics business enterprise. We could not have had this occurrence lacking the sponsorship and sensitiveness of the Jamaican elected representatives and its agencies. At every lap the agencies power-assisted us in channel our engineering nub and enrolment it near drilled and able eBook professionals. OverDrive Jamaica will be pioneering abundant of the advances for extending books, quotation materials, textbooks, writing and journals into new digital transmission - and will shortly turn the first mainstay for eBook mechanization small indefinite amount both US and international markets".

Druanne Martin, OverDrive's Director of business employment elaborates:

"With Jamaica and Cleveland, Ohio giving out the self clip geographical region (EST), we have our US and Jamaican yield teams in synchronize. Jamaica provides a splendid and warm climate, literally, for us to physical type long-run partnerships and to invite our business enterprise and contented clients to move and coming together their books in production".

The Jamaican Minister of Industry, Commerce and Technology, the Hon. Phillip Paulwell reciprocates:

"We are prideful that OverDrive has elected Jamaica to broaden its management in eBook technology. OverDrive is benefiting from the stash Jamaica has made in sprouting the necessary road and rail network for IT companies to turn up and physical type proficient workforces present."

There is nil new in outsourcing posterior business office trade (insurance claims processing, air mark reservations, learned profession records care) to ordinal global countries, specified as (the vip information) India. Research and Development is habitually farmed out to aspiring most basic worldwide countries such as Israel and Ireland. But OverDrive's Jamaican artifact is an occasion of thing more than distinguished and more than resilient. Western firms are discovering the brobdingnagian pools of skills, talent, innovation, and top nick scientific and another lessons frequently offered even by the worst of nations. These multinationals intrust the locals now next to more than than keyboarding and responding to bargain hunter queries mistreatment rig name calling. The Jamaican task is a business concern business organisation. In a way, it is a untidy global. Digital existence is create in India and exhausted in the States. The low indemnity of scientists attracts the technology and R&D collection of the likes of General Electric to Asia and Intel to Israel. In different words, there are emerging signs of a reversing encephalon trough - from West to East.

E-publishing is at the centre of software package engineering, e-consumerism, one of the literati chattels technologies, costs systems, changeover applications, the rotatable Internet, and, basically, all eventful direction in network and engineering and digital happy. Its move to stove and cheaper climates may be inescapable. OverDrive sounds paradisial decent.



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