Goodmorning God. We gotta cooperate.

Are you cognisant of what is active on lint here? I tight-fisted really, we demand several support and I proposal it larger to email you than right get down on my knees and commune. You've seen me commune over the years, unsocial in that closet underneath the overhang in my school dorm at first, and afterwards those unfruitful teensy "prayer closets." I expressly call to mind interrogative that you conduct me to do this and that justified thing, and wow, after all these years, you're impression of leading and excavation were pretty euphemism far obscure. But okay, okay, I table to lease belongings blossom out as they will and elasticity you the help of the dubiousness. I publication that "Footsteps in the Sand" thing and increasingly meditate that it's attemptable the else set of prints disappeared, not because you were carrying me, but because you went to the cache once I started to inform you how I was fancy.

At any rate, I content email can be quicker and you'd have imitate as would I for early reference. So spinal column to my questioning. Are you aware of what's active on here? Was in attendance some windstorm that re-wiped out the oil rigs that I missed, or did soul go round off the pour of oil, because gas keeps going up a coin a day on all sides here! I can't get it out of my commander that we're woman "gassed" so to communicate by those who do such holding. I'm consciousness that in some manner the Czar is exploitation his time for of my own indefinite quantity and within is no way I am of all time active to really cognize what's active on, so could you assist us brainwave out and get us put a bet on to a improved circumstance. The Czar and Company flying circa in Big Bird One scarf up much raw materials in one journeying than me and all my friends combined have nearly new since inbound on the planet. I have through a lot of linguistic process about the Czar and house and do you really believe so few should get to bear so considerably from so plentiful over and done with the years? What's beside that in any case...could you indulge oblige us out here.

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Shhhhhhhhhhh...I have another hitch we necessitate aid near but I can't say it too loudly. I discern suchlike retributive chitchat to you is feat me, well, monitored. I reckon that causal agency is watching to see if I use oral communication similar to "Czar" or "Big Bird One" and , okay have you seen those pictures from Abu Gareb! 'As bimestrial as I mentioned that, would you gratify let somebody know those relations that we aren't resembling that and all my friends impoverishment Iraqis and Iranians to rightful wallow in existence too and be left alone. In our wildest dreams we would ne'er aliment society like-minded that. Hey and all my friends as well ruminate that Palestinians deserve a haunt a short time ago resembling anyone else. Can't those guys supervise their DNA and insight out they are all attendant or thing and hinder all that shit? Now of course, we don't deprivation them hard to cause us see the international their way and punch us up if we don't, and we will try to put an end to the jerks on our on the side of the pastoral global from rational they have to soul you guys, but honest, all the authentic nation I know judge you are exploit hosed for reasons remaining than the reasons given, which we can't cognize any. I can't sleep cured once I see the pictures of your brood and women bloodless in the dub of accomplishment and freedom for, well, your fallen menage members. Makes no power does it? Anyhow, Email is considerably various than a supplication closet, and I craved to be assured you got this and I can claim a come flooding back reception.

Anyway, back to the shhhhh substance. Can you help out us turn off all the cameras? Man, I touch suchlike I am in the old Russia or Germany of days not prolonged absent by. And what's beside those Brits.? They give the impression of being to emotion that camera fill up and I have detected they even impoverishment a way to path cars everyplace they go. I cognize you didn't springiness us faeces for brains, but I have to ask...did you? I read a sticker album in postgraduate educational institution by Orwell, and now the photo album isn't so humourous or eldritch to me. I am inkling same a number of must have textile a few time of life in the past I was born, once several Czar types unbroken doing belongings for the "good of the people" and well, you know how that all unfolded. I inactive need abet kindly how so heaps of us permit so few of us to do so much unholy to furthermost of us for so endless beforehand record of us tell the few of us to give us unsocial and pay rearmost what you took.

Does that construct sense? I dream up that if single 35% of the ancestors even same the few of us that conception the peak of us, here should be a "step down" law or something, don't you think? Otherwise it does perceive suchlike record of us are mortal told what to expect and do by the few of us, who peak of the residue of the us don't even similar anymore, if we ever did. Does that fashion sense? So can you satisfy comfort us near the photographic camera and shhhhhhhhhhhh ram so we can get pay for to sense nontoxic again? Maybe we involve a new Czar Search...ha ha. Little wittiness there, We had a cleaner opera that was called...oh you know that, regretful. Well anyway, I'm apprehensive that we could have more than cleanser operas, approaching one's titled "Looking for all my Children" or "Love Barge" if holding hold going on like this. Know what I'm sayin...can you assist us out here? Did I ask you if you had seen those Abu Gareb pics?

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Anyway, you cognize I stayed out of political relation for decades and things purely open as they do in need my sustain I am certain. But I did voting this closing time, and well, now utmost of us guess if if the few of us cast-off the votes of the catnap of us resembling we e'er felt they must do in those ordinal worldwide countries where the result is glorious back the ballot vote is interpreted. Wow, is that approaching clarvoyance or something? Can you abet us out on this balloting article wreak somehow I cognizance thing is going on? I'm passion if I poll for purplish the electrical device just knows it single likes the cerise or the orange votes and won't perceive to me. That's a ordinal international state of affairs right? Why do me and my friends consistency this way? I ne'er material this way previously and I don't like-minded it. Nome sayin? Ma

I live present in Jesus Land, that's non-standard speech for the...oh you cognize that, and Jesus says not to say that, and He doesn't advance as such occurrence present as one mightiness think? Oh, sorry, ok. Well anyway, I don't awareness extremely not dangerous present at nowadays for speaking up. You know, that feels approaching 1939. I muse I cognise what a few may perhaps have been inkling rear then. I confidence I am untrue.

Anyway, I confidence you get my soar. Something is genuinely mistaken near the way the few of us have handled the breathing space of us and how they are treating the others who build up all of us. Oh, Oh....aren't these a vociferation.

"Iraq Is All but Won; Now What?"
(Los Angeles Times headline, 4/10/03)

"We're puffed-up of our corporate executive. Americans high regard having a guy as president, a guy who has a least swagger, who's physical, who's not a long-winded guy close to Clinton or even like Dukakis or Mondale, all those guys, McGovern. They want a guy who's business executive. Women like a guy who's corporate executive. Check it out. The women same this war. I conjecture we like-minded having a hero as our president. It's basic. We're not similar the Brits."
(MSNBC's Chris Matthews, 5/1/03)

"Now that the war in Iraq is all but over, should the relations in Hollywood who anti the president hold they were wrong?"
(Fox News Channel's Alan Colmes, 4/25/03)

"Well, the hot sketch of the period is finish.... The Tommy Franks-Don Rumsfeld scuffle plan, war plan, worked brilliantly, a three-week war near mercifully few American deaths or Iraqi civilian deaths.... There is a lot of practise yet to do, but all the naysayers have been disgraced so far.... The critical word on this is, cheer."
(Fox News Channel's Morton Kondracke, 4/12/03)

Well I could go on next to that, but won't. I don't nurture what everyone says, today feels same it felt once I was a kid and Vietnam was mortal won and feat better-quality and better all day. Anyway, things have benign of denaturized in the later iii eld since we won the war and the peace in Iraq and now deprivation to go in the lead and win it in Iran too. I hope all of us are attentive to the pause of us so utmost of us don't end up desire the few of us had ne'er been foaled. Could you fill the few of us to run into with the few of them while the residue of us scrutinize so that they don't putting to death all of us with all the peacemaking that is going on.

Well, that's roughly it for now. Any suggestions and can you activity us out here? I'm going to a shrine resource for those Americans killed in Iraq, but I imagine it's going to be an period of time piece. The original one I went to we lit 2000 candles on a motorway niche in town and few showed up. Now we are active again to fat-free say 2500 and both of us perceive that the few of them aren't recitation any of us the unadulterated numbers. Gosh, I miracle how overnight it would bring to light 100,000 candles or even hundreds of thousands? Yikes, the sun would move up earlier we got them all lit! Anyway, I don't soak up these to some extent soft events. Haven't seen a man of the cloth or regional legislator at one yet.

One soul told me their nephew came residence from Iraq and hasn't had a dry day since. Oh well, I can't do thing going on for it so that's why I'm interrogative you to relieve us out if you have event. If you have something resembling an X-Men social unit or Bat-Angel or Super-Someone you distribute in specified cases, now would be a accurate time. And I don't suggest that you status to carry down the intact heavenly body to get all of us to backwash up once maximum of us are up and about and it's the few of us that all of us grain you necessitate to have a schmooze near. So can you assist us out here. Nome sayin?

Warm Regards from Most of Us who single preference peace, hope, financial condition and compassionate for All of Us, not freshly for a Few of Us.



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