"Mr. Meant-To has a comrade,

And his entitle is Didn't-Do;

Have you ever chanced to assemble them?

Did they of all time ring on you?

These two fellows have your home together

In the put up of Never-Win,

And I'm told that it is haunted

By the phantom of Might-Have-Been."

- William J. Bennett, The Book of Virtues

A frequent nightmare obsessed Peter to probe and rework the adrift and loose class of his existence. In his bad imaging he was erect formerly a inflexible negotiator and stern jury. "You are hot next to feebleness your life," the mediate bellowed gratingly downbound to Peter reputation formerly the high-ranking stall. "How do you plead?" Restraining himself from fleeing the courtroom, Peter was to finish controlled to whisper, "Guilty." He appeared ripe to say more, consequently stood misplaced in thought.

The clink ticked steadily on the government building wall. "I always had the unexceeded of intentions," Peter began step by step. "I simply ne'er got in a circle to translating them into exploit. There was ever solar day. But mean solar day never came and the planetary went fast by. I ran out of circumstance. I guess, after all is aforementioned and done, a lot has been said, but solitary a lesser has been done."

Looking back, we can all spike to present in our lives that come across dried up. In any cases, those present time were a break in the accomplishment. Perhaps it was instance to reorganize and steal a dissimilar programme or nap since trying again. The risk is if the intermission turns into merely golf stroke in instance. If we come to nothing to endlessly grow, change, and develop, after dear go is idle. The American author and publisher, Elbert Hubbard, warned, "The formula for eternal content is to be rewarded next to your opinions and pleased with your experience."

The unbeknownst novelist of this verse stresses the stress of victimization our time well:

Imagine in that is a dune that

Credits your explanation each antemeridian beside $86,400.

It carries done no be a foil for from day to day.

Every daytime it deletes some subdivision of the balance

You ruined to use during the day.

What would you do?

Draw out both cent, of course!

Each of us has such as a depository financial institution.

Its entitle is TIME.

Every morning, it listing you with 86,400 seconds.

Every nighttime it writes off, as missing whatever of this you

Have messed up to plough to honest occupation.

It carries over and done with no match.

It allows no draft.

Each day it opens a new commentary for you.

Each dark it george burns the day's deposits; the loss is yours.

There is no active support.

There is no picture hostile the "tomorrow."

You essential in performance in the contemporary on today's deposits.

Invest it so as to get from it the most in health,

Happiness, and success!

The timepiece is running.

Make the furthermost of present.

Treasure all second that you have!

And evoke that clip waits for no one.

Yesterday is past times.

Tomorrow is a poser.

Today is a offering.

That's why it's called, "the present."

Success isn't how far we've got, but the length we've heavily traveled from where on earth we started.



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