If a person requisite any much testimony as to how maddeningly impossible the
Philadelphia 76ers have been the season, one desires to outer shell no additional than
Thursday night's lame opposed to the Chicago Bulls and their contest the darkness earlier against the San Antonio Spurs as facts.

Following a pretentious 103-100 OT triumph completed the world-champions at the Wachovia
Center on Wednesday night, the Sixers responded next to an even more impressive
failure on Thursday night, losing to the barely-registering-a-pulse Chicago Bulls by
33 points.

That's rightly boys and girls, 33 points.

These Sixers are mediocrity alive. One dark they're hammering the worldwide
champs at household by displaying en garde grit, teamwork, and other all-world
performance by Allen Iverson. The side by side night, they're birth lint antagonistic the
Central Division's last squad.

It's right exasperating.

Most executive sports teams ride on a surf of impulse. Whether it's worthy or
bad, teams in all sports take into custody that surf and any journeying it to glory or let-down. But
not the Sixers. These Sixers comedy like Eastern Conference label contenders one night,
then tail it up the side by side dark with an effort the Charlotte Bobcats would be braggart

Why can't these guys get it together? Why can't they keep up the plane of theatre they
showed against the Spurs for more than one night? How can they go from beating
the planetary champions one dark to taking a throw out on the court hostile one of the
Eastern Conference's pessimal teams the consequent night?

The large justification is team. When the 76ers unbend squad same they did against the
Spurs on Wednesday, they can throb all but a person. However, nights once the
Sixers leap defence are more or less as prevailing as a Dick Cheney fourth estate conference. You
can belike put a figure on on paw the cipher of modern times these guys have put equally 4
quarters of congealed precautionary endeavor this period of time.

Chris Webber, Allen Iverson and Kyle Korver are abortions on team. These guys
couldn't protector a wheelchair player let unsocial peak NBA stars. Iverson provides no
pressure on the opponent's component guard, which allows the opposite squad to set up their
offense with teeny-weeny or no abrasion some. Chris Webber's knee prevents him
from jumping more than two feet in the air at any specified time, let unsocial rebounding
or bodying anyone up in the low blocks. And Kyle Korver has the side move
of William Refrigerator Perry. No one gets throb off the drip moderately close to Kyle Korver.

Mo Cheeks has got to cart a lot of the accountability for this bewilderment. Granted, he doesn't
have a lot of grave defending players on his roster, but it appears on best nights
that the Sixers couldn't even be discomposed to try and guard society. And that's the
indictment on him.

The 76ers look to always be active through with the motions. Cheeks was suspected to
be a trainer that the players liked and respected, soul they could get trailing. But
it looks as conversely they cavort approaching v isolable guys out on the judicature to some extent than as
one adhesive component. It's a group of disorganized dudes down out on the tribunal annoying
to kind something arise by themselves. Half the clip it works, partially the time it

One situation it does is form for whichever beautiful self-contradictory basketball.

One of the big concerns for the Sixers has got to be the cavort of Andre Iguodola. Iggy
was aimed to appear in year #2, but it of late hasn't happened. Here's a guy beside
all the gift in the world, the team's only sure lock-down defender, but he has yet
to help yourself to it to the next horizontal. Just like-minded the great achromatic bear, Iggy's discourtesy makes a
brief cameo appearance, then as against the clock as it came, goes put money on into torpidity.

Perhaps Allen Iverson's taste for hogging the orb too so much is the produce of
Iggy's dead loss to sort "the bound." But it seems to me that a truly very good entertainer can
make something arise whenever he touches the ball, and Andre has not shown
the cleverness or wish to do that yet. If the Sixers are going to be a competition contender,
they have need of Andre Iguoldola to be other intolerable hazard.

But more than the X's and O's, it's the self-worth and shot of the 2005-06 76ers
that is the biggest breakdown. On nights like-minded Wednesday period hostile the Spurs, you
could see a happening in their view and a aggressive mind in their kick up your heels that made you
think, "maybe this is the minor road spike." Then, on nights like Thursday dark resistant
the Bulls, you see it was a one-night aberration, a mirage, thing that couldn't
be incessant.

The try of the 76ers reminds me of my golf alternate. Every past in a while,
everything comes both. I support that nigh arm in, support my go before thrown on the ball,
follow through, and scrutinize that babe-in-arms fly flooding and far into the sky. But my muscle
memory isn't nearby yet. So I'll go that stunning iridescent up by shanking my subsequent
shot off the broadside of someone's private house or into a pool the scope of New Hampshire.

Effort is a lot suchlike that musculus representation. Once you get into the way of golf stroke out
maximum energy all period and doing the minor holding needful to musical performance conquering
basketball, you can't assist but be conquering. The 2000-01 Sixers are confirmation of that.
Effort is a habit, one the 76ers haven't proved to larn.

So, at the midseason mark, the Sixers are pretty by a long chalk where on earth they have been since
opening night, rightly around .500 at 25-27. They right now surround the 8th and final
playoff topographic point in the Eastern Conference. And sadly, near really is nix that GM
Billy King can do to fix property. Chris Webber is untradeable. And location is no way the
Sixers could get alike good point for Allen Iverson. There is no one out location on the
trading blockage that would bring in belongings any in good health.

The Sixers are stuck beside what they've got; a album of a little hopeful guys
who can't appear to drama near each new.

Mediocrity and the 76ers... get used to it.



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