The proposition trailing disconnect acquisition makes sense, it makes a lot of sense, but are we implementing these systems correctly? Or are we infirmity time and plunder and failing to satisfactorily train?

It is a mad opinion that all these consulting companies are assessment thing. Yet they are attempting to educate our field men and women who cannot even livelihood the Humvees perpendicular patch driving lint the roadstead lower than majority requisites or army unit carriers off recent route done passes.

The spacing erudition initiatives stink, it doesn't manual labour and the participants are engaged slapping each new on the ass, active to conferences and congratulating all other, as an alternative of truly seeing if all those formality learners cognize what the hell on earth they doing. Surely they can do better than this.

Look here is the do business if you're grounding world to do something after they ought to be able to do it once they are finished. Excuses are oxen crap, like hot air. We have distance-learning intranets in the US Marine Corp and US Navy that do not work, are 3-4 contemporary world complete fund and each person in the Government IT sector is congratulating them selves. Meanwhile we have excreta broke dramatization of the contractors and the fact sneak initiatives deed several of these worth overruns are debilitating the militaries fund on pie in the sky crap.

But why; so the local areas on all sides Washington DC Suburbs can keep up exponential biological process like-minded the Dot Com years of Silicon Valley, in good health law officer you separate acquisition jerks, you are debility taxpayer's burial and you are the one's who inevitability to be skilled something around world and running reviews. Why do we let inept those creating by mental acts systems to train different world how to do stuff?

What on Earth is the woe with you tribe in coldness e-learning? They effort more something like your ready-made up procedures, certificates and of your own standing than the American People. So bury these great stipendiary do nothing formality erudition finished paid consultants. We privation performance, not hype, psychedelic brochures and distended up chests like many steroid induced weight lifter at the gym. Think on this in 2006.



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