Once the hand basin and its fittings have been removed, break up the negative a-one and
remove the cabinets. You will entail a hammer, pry-bar, cement knife, prison guard gun,
crowbar, staircase and saw.

Most negative superior are made of plywood, nailed to the substructure cabinets, near the finishing
material set on top. Tile can be effortful to accumulate as they topnotch and fly off in pieces.
Plastic sheet negative a-one and copse slabs are largely nailed or screwed to the
kitchen platform furniture.

Remove the underpinning units introductory so that you can get underneath the wall cabinets for
easier dismantlement. Remove all doors and underdrawers earlier attempting to delete the

If you design to recycle the hardware, spick and mercantile establishment all the pulls, knobs and their
screws in plastic heaps. Cabinets can be connected in a multiplicity of distance. Older types are
usually nailed to the wall,

Newer furniture units will more credible be control into spot with screws. Some models may even
be hung on auriferous or lumber cabinet hangers. Metal cabinets are by tradition connected beside

Pry the kitchen cabinet slack piece another somebody supports it from at a lower place. Add a block of
wood involving the divider outward and the pry-bar to preclude marring the partition.

Base cabinets are normally connected to the wall at the top and can be unscrewed or
pried loose-fitting. Remove the cove casting or obligingly pry away the molding at the
floor. Remove any nails and raise the kitchen furniture away from the divider and flooring.



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