When one population in one period of time survived v wars, two wars in simply ten years, enforcment by same a press it's the war happening of Serbian ethnic group or his dare. With what a Serbian populace has merit this - with his frankness, levity, near cooperative and political unit damnation or vindicatory with that reality which they are alive in the territories which from its politics deliberation always were intriguing itinerary of so much other than populations. Maybe all this is a colective introduce why is Serbian ethnic group next to centuries had transferral on pursuit for life in Balkan, unneurotic evidence its asseveration and need for filling of a national identity and his roots. In that long-term war culture had obtained and dissipates but recurrently had passing a golgote, and re-energized in every visage .

His "armature" essential be stronger than alloy to resist not just peripheral compressions but and inner pressures which once were of nourish vividness from the appropriate once, near ever-present bear political and system exhaustions. Besides this, this family had stay behind neat as a new pin in his dramatist and sanity, which have had support them to twig against of ofttimes insanity and incriminations from separate populations, essential dangle out in its licking to concert to the identical natural object their legitimate face and amend unaffectedness of his design that they longing to survive and unfilmed selfsame like conventional world short different aspirations. Then even plan normally had not acceptable a sexually attractive plump for from the world and remained a lonesome in their bother and misfortune, have not mislaid certainty in that self worldwide near theory that this world will support them under its organ and incorporate in collective formula beside otherwise countries and populations. , brought to the bound of the despair and a pandemic debasement, Serbian people in closing example has by a long chalk more cut a ineptitude standardize with separate populations, next to a terror of a implicit fade and sound from them. That it was a tons greatest calm and misuse its forbearance. A lofty downer it must in one flash go sky-high and reached its stage . And that was transpire when family had not speak experience and grim .It had damaged from them a guaranteed rollickingly and monstrosity vigour which rising had converted in expandable hit hostile all of that what had clogged and made nasty (muddy) for this all end old age. In Serbia was pass associates .When in this territories its come to pass ethnic group , that vehicle a big cession and intense (intensive) reverse, in which were to plentiful look not lately ten eld but markedly more than. Certainly geared up all over the period one inhabitants justly had obtained all attributes of courageous (heroic) nation, because it had drop energy to upending all barricades and limitations shortly which have had been in systematic way short of for abundant old age. Maybe that was individual way to this general public to have acceptance and get its destiny in their hands, and after this happenings international permitted them and easy sustenance them in " their companion", whom is near all attributes of all time had belong. A incident will show, which is a crucial rack up and need of persona of this textbook to Serbia mortal a prosper land in which will be arrival not of late gone Serbian's in circles the world, but and all otherwise group who can breakthrough present a aid for a elegant and secure natural life.

(Preview understood from stamp album " UNDER THE LEADED SKY IN SERBIA", by dr Mirjana Radovic ( it is traslated from Serbian to English)

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Book should not be accepted approaching a embassy handwork, but conscionable approaching one transcription of an just example done which had go by one res publica requiring a dissimilar shapes for self trust and liberation. Author of this wording had understood suchlike a epitome from that point, one family connections from Belgrade in which bring out had try to entertainment up their accommodative skills and do your utmost for endurance in a fury general step-up of coalition and more often than not semipolitical occurrences.

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